What professions transition well in to care?

If you want to keep your admin team / recruitment team busy you should ask them to perform a very simple exercise and see what the professional backgrounds of all your carers are from. There’s a simple reason for this and that is to show what sectors you are most likely to attract new staff […]

Refer a friend – does it work?

The virtues of ‘Refer a Friend’ are extolled throughout the Care industry as an absolute best practice for your Recruitment team. But do the costs outweigh the benefits? So what are the benefits of ‘Refer a Friend?’ Direct referrals from existing employees are always seen as gold dust in most industries as it tends to […]

The power of the Office Dog – Meet Bertie

Whether you are an animal lover or not there are countless studies and evidence which show that an Office pet can make a huge difference to the happiness of your staff – and most importantly retention. Bluebird Care in Essex have an office Labrador called Bertie who spends his days looking for ear rubs and […]

What makes an ideal care worker?

A Director once joked to us that his two recruitment requirements were simple- a pulse and a driving license! No one can escape the fact that in domiciliary care a driving licence is a must and quite often there is only work available for a female. But what really makes a good carer? Obviously having […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Recruit Right Now

  Covid-19 has hit businesses in all sectors with mass redundancies and business closures – but how does this affect you?   1) Thousands of people are looking for flexible work after the closure of businesses all up and down the UK. Retail, hospitality, airlines (just to name a few) are all key industries to […]