The power of the Office Dog – Meet Bertie

Whether you are an animal lover or not there are countless studies and evidence which show that an Office pet can make a huge difference to the happiness of your staff – and most importantly retention.

Bluebird Care in Essex have an office Labrador called Bertie who spends his days looking for ear rubs and treats. It provides a completely different dynamic in the office as Bertie has a calming effect on the staff and most importantly something the bonds all the staff that is removed from care.

Having an office pet or even just a mascot provides a fantastic medium for growing your Social Media. Pictures and videos of animals are always popular on Social Media and are a fantastic way to grow your Social Media presence and portray your business as having a friendly and fun environment to work in.

I recall one business we worked with had an office mascot that all the carers took in turns to take on holiday in an attempt to get the best holiday snap of the year with a prize for the best result.

These small and sometimes silly use of pet/mascots are positive and wholesome and go a long way in building your company brand in the local community.

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